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Health Advantages


Health Advantages
Cashewnut - A versatile health food
Nutrients in 100g of Cashewnuts

Cashewnut kernel contains 47% fat, but 82% of this fat is unsaturated fatty acids. This is important because no dietician will prescribe a saturated fat packet to any one due to its high cholesterol content. Unsaturated fat eliminates the possibility of, and actually lowers, the cholesterol level in blood.

The most prominent vitamins in cashew are Vitamin A, D and E. These vitamins help assimilate the fats and increase the immunity level.Cashew comprises a surprising spectrum of vitamins and Amino acids in the right proportions. The percentage of Arginine is 10.3, Histidine 1.8, Lysine 3.3, Tyrosine 3.2, Phenylalamine 4.4, Cyctine 1.0, Methinonine 1.3, Valine 4.5. Many people mistakenly believe that cashew contain cholesterol. The fact is that there is no cholesterol in nuts since it is a plant product.
Cashew kernel is a rich source of minerals like calcium, phosphorus and iron. They protect the human nervous system.